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The 1000 Voices project aims to collect, display, and analyse 1000+ life stories from people with disabilities from around the world. This site is set up so that you can tell your story in any way that you would like to: through images, films, audio, text, or any combination of the above!

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A Spectrum Of Colour

October 24, 2014

Australia |

Hi my name is Grant and I experience Asperger’s Syndrome.

I am a visual dominant thinker and when I was a boy I did not read or write well. I also had special interests, collecting things, such as stones from the garden or the bush, shells from the beach, and leaves from plants. I liked the patterns that I saw …

Paul’s Trophy Presentation

November 22, 2013

Australia |
A collection of my trophies from bowling over the last 20 years.

My Story

October 3, 2013

Australia |


By Aaron

My Life Story So Far – My Apartment

June 21, 2013

Australia |



This is a short film is about going through my unit, and filming different rooms of my unit. For example we filmed my lounge room, my kitchen, spare room, bathroom, backyard and a walk down the street. I hope you enjoy watching this film, let’s hope there’s more to come!



Charlie’s Poems

March 14, 2013

Australia |


Poem 1 – brothers hate others

After leaving school I was often upset when my intellectual disability prevented me from getting a job. My mother would say, “Don’t worry about it, you have a job, you are a poet.”

Now that my poems have been published I can accept that what she told me is true. From now on, …


February 16, 2013

Australia |


2013-02-16 14.34.59 hi im vinh nguyen i was born disability i born in monash Clayton have heart problem i went to have surgery in Royal children hospital i have mental health and autism i have autism i like arts and drawing i go to wallara and arts access Victoria i done a magazine with AAV artsider . I like

A Person Who Couldn’t Walk To Much In Front Of His Mother.

January 8, 2013

Australia |


This my video that i made it.

Smallkim Dancing At The Cultural Hall-Vientiane

January 7, 2013

Laos |
SmallkimOne afternoon a few years ago, my friends and I went to find our final test results for the first term of fourth class in high school. It was my sixteenth birthday. We were walking down the road on the way to the school when my friend saw a small bulb. He didn’t know what it was. He picked it …