The 1000 Voices Team

About Us

The 1000 Voices project aims to collect, display, and analyse 1000+ life stories from people with disabilities from around the world.This site is set up so that you can tell your story in any way that you would like to: through images, films, audio, text, or any combination of the above! You are also welcome to upload as many stories as you would like to over time. How you represent your life and experiences is completely up to you! If you have suggestions or questions we would love to hear them.

With this collection of stories we hope to:

  1. Open eyes and ears to the diverse lived experiences of people with disability;
  2. Provide opportunities for people with disability to have their own voice in determining how their lives are seen and heard; and
  3. Make sure that your voices become part of ongoing research, service, and policy development activity in Australia and beyond.