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The 1000 Voices project aims to collect, display, and analyse 1000+ life stories from people with disabilities from around the world. This site is set up so that you can tell your story in any way that you would like to: through images, films, audio, text, or any combination of the above!

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A Person Who Couldn’t Walk To Much In Front Of His Mother.

January 8, 2013

Australia |


This my video that i made it.

Smallkim Dancing At The Cultural Hall-Vientiane

January 7, 2013

Laos |
SmallkimOne afternoon a few years ago, my friends and I went to find our final test results for the first term of fourth class in high school. It was my sixteenth birthday. We were walking down the road on the way to the school when my friend saw a small bulb. He didn’t know what it was. He picked it …

Anna’s Story Of Surviving Prison

November 6, 2012

Australia |

Please see attached for Anna’s story of surviving prison.

AnnaB’s Story of Surviving Prison

Giving Autism A Voice 2

September 17, 2012

Well, I am at university and continue to achieve academically. I still have faith in the basic goodness of people although, like most other people who are not considered mainstream, that faith is tested almost every day. Every day teaches me something new about people and behaviour, and I guess the biggest lesson was to understand how similar people really …

Rodney Mills Images

July 10, 2012

A collection of photos that are important to Rodney Mills.

My Photos Are Rubbish! Abstract Expressionism By Phil Deschamp

July 10, 2012

Phil gets around in an electric wheelchair as he has had quadriplegia for more than 40 years. This has resulted in having no finger movement and few arm muscles function. Phil took up photography in 2002 in the belief that it would be relaxing and encourage him not to work so hard however the joys of photography took such a …

Jeffrey Finlay’s World In Pictures

July 10, 2012

Jeffrey Finlay is an Indigenous artist living in North Queensland. He currently lives with three others in a group home with the assistance of carers. Jeffrey acquired a disability at the age of 18 following a car accident. He started painting following his accident using a mouth guard which assists him to paint using his mouth. Jeffrey is in the …

Images From Adam Johnston

July 10, 2012

Adam Johnston is a solicitor and has studied a Masters by Research in law at the University of New England, Armidale. He has had a long term interest in health policy and has served on a variety of consultative and community advisory committees in the health sector. At the age of just 23, Adam, who uses a wheelchair because he …

A Collection Of Images From ‘1000 Voices’ Participants

July 10, 2012

This gallery includes a collection of photographs and images submitted by ‘1000 Voices’ participants which enhance the stories they have told, or simply reflect who they are and what is important to them. To read the stories associated with the images in this gallery, please visit the ‘Stories’ page of this website. This gallery will be updated with images as …

“Kate” Photography

July 10, 2012

“Kate” was one of our Q150 Queenslanders with a disability interviewed for the launch of the 1000 Voices website. She is a designer and photographer living in Brisbane. “Kate’s” photography displayed in this gallery relates to her life story displayed on this site.